Routine Examinations and Medical Care


Your vision exam starts with pre-testing performed by our certified ophthalmic technicians, followed by an examination by your doctor.  We will discuss your test results and screen for any medical issues.  At the end of your visit, you will receive a copy of your vision prescription, and schedule a more complete exam if you have any medical issues found during the screening.  These exams are covered by vision insurance, but not usually by your medical insurance.


For eye problems not related to vision correction with glasses or contacts, a medical evaluation is warranted and often covered by your medical insurance.  Your physician or surgeon will carefully examine your eyes and provide you with information regarding their findings.  During a comprehensive visit, a refraction is typically performed in order to measure your best visual clarity from which service you receive a new glasses prescription.


In addition to eye exams, we also offer:

Micro-Incisional Cataract Surgery

The no-stitch way to restore vision clouded by cataracts.  We offer the most cutting edge technology including laser assisted cataract surgery and utilize the most up-to-date implant technology.  Our skilled surgeons will help guide you to your best vision possible.


Glaucoma Management

Expert medical care and management is the key to this “silent disease” that can cause blindness if untreated.  Routine eye examinations are essential for early detection and ongoing management is critical to control this progressive disease.  Our physicians and surgeons have years of training and decades of expertise treating this disease with medications, laser treatments and Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS).


Diabetes Eye Care

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause for irreparable blindness.  Anyone with Diabetes is at risk for this complication and early to moderate retinopathy does not have any symptoms.  Primary care physicians and Ophthalmologists both agree that yearly dilated retinal exams are highly recommended.  Trust your experienced team here at Summit Eye to properly examine and evaluate your eyes ever year.